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Hengxing Chairman Awarded Fujian's Most Influential Entrepreneur
2019.07.08 1123

On December 30, 2018, the election campaign for Fujian's 40 most influential entrepreneurs, jointly launched by Fujian Federation of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs, Fujian Media Group, the Development Research Center of Fujian Provincial People's Government, Fujian Federation of Commerce & Industry and corresponding bureaus and departments to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, was staged on the “Forerunners to the World—Fujian Economic Glory Awards” at Fujian Radio and Television Center Studio Theater. Mr. Ke Xiping, chairman of Xiamen Hengxing Group Co., Ltd., was honored as one of the 40 most influential entrepreneurs in Fujian province over the 40 years of reform and opening up.

The campaign aimed to review the historical process of economic development over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, commend economic figures who have made outstanding contributions, establish advanced entrepreneur models, promote the spirit of entrepreneurship, and strengthen the building of entrepreneurs. It also demonstrated the grandeur of reform and opening up in Fujian over the past four decades, which would light up the path of Fujian's economy in the future.

The ceremony, simple yet elegant, nostalgic yet festive, was rolled out in pace with Fujian's economy in different stages, consisting of four major chapters (pioneering: 1978-1991; revolution: 1992-2000; globalization: 2001-2011; new economy: 2012-2018) that summed up the achievements during the past four decades, and honored entrepreneurs with outstanding contributions at all stages. It also reviewed history to retrace the hardships of the past, and recognize the pioneers who contributed to social progress.

Mr. Ke Xiping founded Xiamen Hengxing Group Co., Ltd. in 1994. Adhering to the core values of “integrity, responsibility, innovation and win-win”, Hengxing has grown into a large private enterprise that takes investment as the leading business but integrates mining, trade, asset management, culture, travel, education and others, with its wholly-owned and controlled subsidiaries scattered in mainland China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and other countries and regions. With a total asset exceeding 17 billion yuan, Hengxing has made positive contributions to economic construction, tax revenue and employment.

Mr. Ke vigorously advocates the entrepreneurial spirit of the new era, and takes the lead in promoting and setting up the China (Xiamen) Merchants Festival throughout the country with the hope of calling for entrepreneurs to promote the philosophy of business, strengthen their original belief, establish a positive image, promote collaboration and benefit the people's livelihood. The initiative has generated more than a thousand joint signatures over the four consecutive sessions of launch that were marked with significant results.

As a member of the national committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the Standing Committee of the Xiamen Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, Mr. Ke put forward a number of proposals to benefit people's livelihood that attracted wide attention and earned a big round of applause, including the revision of the SME Promotion Law of China, the guidance for the legalization of Internet-based tailored taxi service, the initiative to support consumer pensions as a supplement to national basic endowment insurance, and the implementation of free medical care for all outpatients.


In 2014, Mr. Ke claimed the title of “National Outstanding Constructor for the Socialism Cause with Chinese Characteristics in Non-public Economy", the highest honor given by the Communist Party of China (CPC) and our country in its category to recognize the winners' patriotic feelings about the country and the people, enterprising spirit, being honest, trustworthy, disciplined and law-abiding, giving back to the society, and vigorously promoting the spirit of patriotism, dedication, integrity, law-abiding and contribution shared by the 'outstanding builders'.


Also an enthusiast for public welfare undertakings, Mr. Ke has invested more than 400 million yuan into charitable projects. Even he led the company in person to participate in the projects to support and alleviate two poor villages as well as involved himself in the partner assistance for Linxia Prefecture in Gansu Province at the capacity of Xiamen Federation of Commerce of Chamber chairman. Under his leadership, more private entrepreneurs joined public welfare programs and targeted poverty alleviation actions. In 2018, Hengxing Group won the Advanced Private Enterprise Award as recognition of its efforts for the “10,000 Enterprises Assisting 10,000 Villages” Campaign, in which private enterprises help targeted poor villages.

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