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Hengxing Holds the 2019 Opening Ceremony & Makes the Debut of First Class
2019.09.30 1032

As a joyful summer vacation draws to its end, September arrives with intoxicating autumn wind. On September 2, 2019, all the teachers and students of Anxi Hengxing High School gathered together to hold a opening ceremony for the 2019 school year and watched the debut of "First Class: A Walk into Anxi Hengxing High School". Before the premiere, the entire crew assembled on the school's sports playground to launch a grand flag-raising and oath-taking ceremony to usher in the new semester. Subsequently, teachers led students back to classroom to watch the video. The ceremony was hosted by Qiu Hengyi, vice president of moral education.


Buckle the First Button in Life

In order to thoroughly implement the important exposition on education by Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and vigorously carry forward the national spirit cored in patriotism, the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, the Ministry of Education, and China Media Group have jointly produced "The First Class of School", an annual back-to-school special which aired on CCTV-1 September 1, on the theme of being proud of the Five-star Red Flag.


As an active response, Anxi Hengxing High School released a 22-minute video in the format of new media—"First Lesson: A Walk into Anxi Hengxing High School"—to introduce to freshmen the school's history, motto and the status of public education as welfare in a more direct and clear manner. The video centers around the fundamental question "What to cultivate, how to cultivate, and what for?" President Li Yumin states that Hengxing High School shoulders the unshirkable responsibility of delivering the goal of "cultivating talents for the party, for the country" on the basis of sticking with the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in new era advocated by President Xi Jinping. The first lesson aims to help students who just enter high school "buckle the first button in life".


To implement the concept of “all for the lifelong happiness of students”, Hengxing High School has established a clear-cut goal for educating people: to shape students into modern talents of all-round development of physique, morality and intelligence, who aspire for high ambitions, disseminate integrity and virtue, uphold good traits, show gratefulness and indebtedness, and possess a strong sense of responsibility and innovation.


In the First Lesson video, it is emphasized that to become a qualified Hengxing'er who knows the knack for handling both things and persons, students should be expected to be self-disciplined, obey the rules, and develop good study habits like making sound preparation, being attentive in class, conducting independent research, and reviewing. They should set academic goals, take actions to make them a reality, and study with perseverance as well as devote themselves into a variety of illuminating community activities, experience practice as much as possible, and cultivate a sense of collaboration, responsibility, gratitude and innovation.


Mr. Ke's Big Heart for Education

In 2002, Mr. Ke Xiping, a distinguished private entrepreneur, successively invested more than 300 million yuan to create Hengxing High School, the first modern private school in Anxi's tea village. Today, the school has grown into a modern, full-time, non-profit, privately run school that enjoys a high reputation in Quanzhou and even Fujian Province for excellence in education.


In the video, Mr. Ke also shared his expectations for freshmen. "I hope that with the support of our group and the efforts of the entire faculty, children in the tea village can receive quality education that turns them into talents who give back to the society and their hometown. This is my original intention to found a non-profit school. I wish Hengxing High School will deliver more outstanding graduates to serve hometown people. It is an unremitting pursuit for me to make Hengxing High School a century-old school!"


In the words of President Li Yumin, Mr. Ke Xiping has a successful career and is keen on promoting education for the well-being of the tea village. Over the past 20 years, he never takes a penny from the school but has invested over 100 million to improve the school's educational conditions, to rebuild and expand the school, to provide a better environment for kids from the tea village. He is truly praiseworthy for his zeal for education and genuinity of giving back to the society.


Embrace a New Beginning for Common Grow

At the premiere ceremony, all the teachers and students watched the video carefully. A new face there said, "The video is really inspiring for it points out the path for freshmen. From the moment we entered into the school, we should follow the glorious traditions of predecessors to behave, to learn to make a difference, and study hard the development of our motherland as the honorable alumni did in the old days."


Some present teachers said, "The beauty of Hengxing High School lies in every tree and every blade of grass, in the founder Mr. Ke Xiping's passion for education, in generations of Hengxing'ers who fight for the happiness of people and the rejuvenation of our nation."


The 2019 opening ceremony and the debut of "First Class: A Walk into Anxi Hengxing High School" ended in a round of applause.

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