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Hengxing Celebrates the Completion & Donation of Wholly Funded Kindergarten
2019.09.30 1149

A grand ceremony to celebrate the completion and donation of Anxi Tiezheng Kindergarten/Anxi No. 15 Kindergarten, fully funded by Xiamen Hengxing Group, was held on the kindergarten’s square in the morning of September 10. The ceremony was hosted by Lin Hualin, Secretary of the CPC Penglai Town Committee in Anxi County, joined by key guests and leaders including Mr. Chen Yongdong, vice minister of the United Front Work Department of Xiamen Municipal Committee and Secretary of Xiamen Federation of Commerce of Chamber, Mr. Zhang Youfu, executive vice president of Xiamen Charity Federation, Mr. Lin Boqian, former deputy mayor of Quanzhou Municipal People's Government, Mr. Ke Xiping, a member of the national committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the Executive Committee of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of the Xiamen Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, Fujian Chamber of Commerce vice president, Xiamen Chamber of Commerce president and Chairman of Xiamen Hengxing Group, Ms. Jia Xinhui, deputy director of Huli District Education Bureau, Mr. Shi Siquan, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Anxi County Committee and executive deputy magistrate of Anxi County Government, Mr. Ding Jianming, deputy magistrate of Anxi County Government, Mr. Yuan Linhui, vice chairman of Anxi County CPPCC Committee, Mr. Xie Baojia, former director of the Standing Committee of Anxi County People's Congress and president of Anxi County Charity Federation, Mr. Cai Dile, permanent honorary president of The World Ko & Tsai Relations Assoc, Mr. Cai Yuanzhou, chairman of Jiyang Ko & Tsai Relations Committee in Fujian Province, Mr. Ke Nanqiang, president of Macao’s Anxi Association, and Mr. Zhong Jiangbo, president of Anxi Chamber of Commerce of Xiamen. Singapore Khua’s Association president Eric Khua Kian Keong sent in a congratulatory message.


Anxi Tiezheng Kindergarten launched its groundbreaking ceremony in January 2019 and completed construction in August 2019. The kindergarten covers an area of 13,875 square meters and a total construction area of 9,260 square meters, receiving a total investment of more than 46 million yuan. It holds 5 function rooms and 15 teaching classes to accommodate more than 600 children. Mr. Ke Xiping, Chairman of Xiamen Hengxing Group, and his family attach great importance to education in Penglai Town. His father, Mr. Ke Tiezheng, initiated and supervised the construction of the kindergarten before his departure, while his brother, Mr. Ke Xiyan, took to the frontline of coordination throughout the course of construction. Personally, Mr. Ke drove the paring between Tiezheng and Xiamen Wuyuan Experimental Kindergarten as well as their joint construction. With several years of planning, design, construction and educational preparation, the ribbon cutting ceremony marked an official completion today. As Tiezheng Kindergarten puts into use, it will definitely lay a more solid foundation for Penglai's becoming an educational town.


In his speech to the public, Mr. Ke Xiping said, "I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Anxi County Committee, the County Government and related departments, the township party committee, the township government, and the CPC Village Committee and the Village Self-government Committee in Pengxi Village for their contribution to the birth of Tiezheng. I would like also to take this opportunity to thank the whole staff involved in the course of design, construction and supervision, and the folks who devote their efforts to the kindergarten. The kindergarten is a donation by my father and Hengxing Group, but the establishment of such a beautiful and modern kindergarten will not happen without everyone's efforts. Jinlai Primary School, Jinlai High School (Anxi No.8 High School), Tiezheng Kindergarten... Their construction and upgrading one after another is the result of generations of philanthropism and liberality in giving, making Pengxi a well-known educational village. Today, on behalf of Xiamen Hengxing Group and my family, I officially donated Tiezheng Kindergarten/Anxi No. 15 Kindergarten to the Anxi County Government as a full-time public kindergarten. We believe that in the hand of Anxi County Government, the kindergarten will receive better care and embrace more achievements to become a model of running preschool institutions in the county. ”


At the donation ceremony, Mr. Ke delivered to the Anxi County People's Government a donation plaque, which was received by Mr. Gao Zhiqiang, Anxi’s Education Bureau director.


When it came to the awarding section, Mr. Ding Jianming, the county government's deputy head, handed over a donation certificate to Mr. Ke, while Mr. Shi Siquan, the executive deputy head of the county government, presented the donor a donation plate.


These moments mark that Xiamen Hengxing Group officially donated Tiezheng Kindergarten/Anxi No. 15 Kindergarten to the Penglai Township Government of Anxi County, fulfilling its solemn commitment.

 At the donation ceremony, the Anxi Chamber of Commerce of Xiamen made a donation of 50,000 yuan to the kindergarten. The chamber president Mr. Zhong Jiangbo handed over the donation plate to Tiezheng's deputy director Hu Xilian.


Mr. Chen Yongdong, Mr. Zhang Youfu, Mr. Lin Boqian, Mr. Shi Siquan, Mr. Ke Xiping, Mr. Ding Jianming, Mr. Yuan Linhui, Mr. Xie Baojia and Mr. Gao Zhiqiang jointly cut the ribbon to celebrate the completion of Tiezheng Kindergarten.


Afterwards, Mr. Shi Siquan, Mr. Ding Jianming, Mr. Yuan Linhui and Mr. Ke Xiping jointly unveiled the bronze statue of Mr. Ke Tiejun.


These historical moments were also witnessed by representatives from Xiamen Federation of Commerce of Chamber, Xiamen Charity Federation, Xiamen Anxi Chamber of Commerce, Huli District Education Bureau of Xiamen, Xiamen Wuyuan Experimental Kindergarten, Xiamen Qixing Kindergarten and Xiamen Hengxing Group, leaders from Anxi county's Party Committee Office, Publicity Department, Government Office, Development and Reform Bureau, Finance Bureau, Natural Resources Bureau, Housing and Construction Bureau, Education Bureau, Urban Management Bureau, Charity Federation, Fire Brigade, power supply companies and other related units, representatives from The World Ko & Tsai Relations Assoc Committee, the Quangang Ko Relations Council, the Anxi County Taoist Association, Anxi Branch of the Ko & Tsai Assoc, and the Wu Culture Research Association, the party and government members of Penglai Town, village and neighborhood committee secretaries and directors, plus teachers and students from Anxi No. 8 High School, Hengxing High School, No. 15 Primary School, and Tiezheng Kindergarten.


As the completion and donation ceremony drew to a successful close, the kindergarten's deputy director Hu Xilian showed the management team around the campus and introduced the kindergarten's basic situations, educational philosophy and features.

Anxi Tiezheng Kindergarten/Anxi No. 15 Kindergarten

--The Most Beautiful "Magic Cube" Kindergarten


Located in the foothills of Qingshuiyan Scenic Area in Penglai Town, Anxi Tiezheng Kindergarten/Anxi No. 15 Kindergarten is delicately designed and planned. From a bird's view, the kindergarten, in the colors of yellow, white and green, has an overall shape that resembles a smart square cube. Walking into the kindergarten is like being in a town of magical cube that features a unique spatial structure. The outdoor venue integrates landscapes, plants, animals, sand, sports and games, embodying the harmony between nature and humanity.


The design of the teaching area is a clever craftsmanship as well. All the chairs in the kindergarten are made of solid wood, tailored to the body structure of kids to make them feel comfortable and lovely. The white and green lattices in the bathroom feature a fresh and natural look. In the reading room, children can enjoy a full range of selections, accompanied by a cartoon reading area that aims to make reading easier. In addition, the kindergarten is well equipped with such multi-purpose units as crafting room and art room.


In terms of teaching faculty, Mr. Ke Xiping, Chairman of Xiamen Hengxing Group, played a key role in establishing a close tie between Tiezheng and Xiamen Wuyuan Experimental Kindergarten. Tiezheng's entire faculty will receive shadow training in Xiamen Wuyuan Experimental Kindergarten for one semester. Through the "one-on-one" pairing project, Tiezheng faculty should be able to polish their professionalism throughout the course of learning from distinguished teachers in Wuyuan Open Day events, parental work, environmental creation, teaching and research activities and the like.

For the beginning of a new semester, Mr. Ke Xiping has prepared a free “entrance package” for every preschool registrant, which includes a set of summer and winter uniforms and a schoolbag. Worthy of mention is that graduates of the kindergarten can enjoy priority recommendation into No. 15 Primary School. The benefit has made the kindergarten an extremely hot pursuit and led to the successful end of enrollment recruitment ahead of schedule. On September 2, the kindergarten officially opened.

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