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Mr. Ke Received Anxi Chamber of Commerce’s Special Contribution Award
2019.12.19 987

20 years of ups and downs, 20 years of vicissitudes. From 1999 that saw the establishment of 40 companies to 2019 that embraced a total number of over 600, Xiamen Anxi Chamber of Commerce has ushered in its 20th birthday with a solid "household". On October 19, 2019, Anxi entrepreneurs in Xiamen City gathered at the International Convention Center Hotel to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of the chamber. The celebration conference held a series of commendation activities. Mr. Ke Xiping, the chamber's former president of two-term service, the current permanent honorary chairman, and Chairman of Xiamen Hengxing Group, received the "Special Contribution Award for the 20th Anniversary of Xiamen Anxi Chamber of Commerce".

Xiamen Anxi Chamber of Commerce was established in May 1999. In 2016, the chamber had a name change from "Xiamen Anxi Economic Promotion Association" to "Xiamen Anxi Chamber of Commerce". Over the past 20 years, Anxi Chamber has upheld the legislative purpose of "common innovation & win-win future". The majority of its members, a solid advocate for the saying "Dedicate yourself and you will win", have strived to promote the economic development of the Xiamen Special Economic Zone and the economic and social development of Anxi, their hometown. The Chamber has seen a growth of membership from over 200 members to the current 1,680, making itself one of the more powerful and cohesive associations in Xiamen.


Zhong Jiangbo, chairman of the Chamber, said that he would continue to play the role of a bridge and tie for the organization and jointly contribute to the social and economic development of Xiamen and Anxi at an accelerated pace.


Mr. Ke Xiping represented the Xiamen Federation of Commerce of Chamber at the celebration event. In his speech, he stated: "The Anxi Chamber of Commerce, led by generations of presidents and benefited from the joint efforts of all its members, have achieved fruitful results and witnessed continuous cohesion and influence over the past years. I have deep feelings for the Chamber, and I am sincerely joyful to witness its development and progress year over year. The majority of Anxi entrepreneurs, keen on integral and honest business, have reaped fruitful results. Their efforts have greatly reshaped the image of Anxi people in Xiamen. Up to date, the Anxi Chamber of Commerce has become one of the more influential business communities in Xiamen, embracing rise in social influence and recognition.”

Boost to Anxi's social and economic development

Every generation has its opportunities and missions. In the 21st century, Anxi has entered the fast track of economic development. In the course of striving for business development, the Chamber never stops encouraging its member companies to return to their hometown to seek new business and create a win-win situation.


Xiamen Hengxing Group set up an example in 2000 by bringing investments into Anxi for the establishment of a private city bus business. The year saw the first public bus in the city's history. In 2005, Hengxing invested in Anxi's East Gate Bridge and built the Dalong Lake to improve the environmental appearance of Fengcheng County. The following year Hengxing invested in the Anxi section of the Anxi-Xiamen Expressway, paving the way for private investment in high-speed construction.


According to incomplete statistics, the Chamber's member companies have contributed to Anxi with more than 10 billion yuan over the past 20 years, strongly promoted a big change to the outdated appearance of Anxi's industry and effectively accelerating the pace of local economic development.


Over 500 million yuan of charity donation to shoulder social responsibility

In the course of promoting their hometown, member companies have never forgotten their social responsibilities. From the president to the directors, the member companies enthusiastically make charity cause as their value pursuit. Data show that the member companies and council members have donated more than 500 million yuan to disaster-stricken areas, poverty-stricken areas, and hometown charities since the Chamber's establishment.


In October 2008, Mr. Ke Xiping donated 20 million yuan to the Anxi Charity Federation of Fujian Province. Two months later, he led the establishment of the Anxi Kuitou Charity Association with a donation of 10 million yuan, marking its being the first government-approved village-level charitable foundation. Since 2002, Mr. Ke has invested more than 3 billion yuan into Anxi and built Anxi Hengxing High School, a modern, full-time privately run private enterprise for non-profit purposethe biggest high school equipped with most advanced and complete facilities in Quanzhou as well as the city's only privately-run senior high school up to standard. In 2019, Mr. Ke donated 46 million yuan for the building of Anxi No. 15 Kindergarten, laying a more solid foundation for local preschool education.

At the celebration ceremony, Xiamen Anxi Chamber of Commerce donated 3 million yuan to the Anxi Rural Revitalization Project, 9 million yuan to the Anxi Charity Federation of Fujian Province, and 100,000 yuan to the poverty alleviation project for Linxia Prefecture of Gansu Province.


The very beginning mind itself is the most accomplished mind of true enlightenment. In the new era, the Anxi Chamber will continue its efforts in integrating resources, in leading member companies to take advantage of the industry to build larger and stronger business, as well as actively participate in public welfare and charity to inject new vitality to the development of Xiamen and Anxi for a new chapter of future.

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