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Hengxing Placed 46th in “Fujian Top 100 Enterprises 2019”
2019.12.19 1003

On October 24, 2019, Fujian Federation of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs, Fujian Media Group and Fujian Academy of Social Sciences jointly released the Fujian Top 100 Enterprises 2019 list in Zhangzhou. Xiamen Hengxing Group was shortlisted again in this years list as the 46th placeholder, one place ahead of the 2018 ranking. Baotuo Resources Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hengxing, made its first debut in the Fujian Top 100 Enterprises in Service Industry list of 2019 as the 23rd placeholder.

Business data: a barometer of the economy

The Fujian Top 100 Enterprises 2019 list evaluated such key indicators as operating income, corporate net profits, total assets, and total taxation, with operating income serving as its benchmark. It targeted at state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, and foreign-owned enterprises. Evaluation for the list followed strict procedures: "self-declaration, recommendation by enterprise associations from cities with subordinate districts and related economic associations plus industry associations, and review by the committee". Results were published on the official websites of Fujian Federation of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs, Fujian Academy of Social Sciences and Fujian Media Group before official release. Being rigorous, scientific and professional, the List cut a figure as the "Forbes" of Fujian business circles.

Statistics shows that the top 100 Fujian enterprises, out of a fair and objective review, achieved a total operating revenue of 3.492277 trillion yuan, a total tax payment of 199.527 billion yuan, a net profit of 249.451 billion yuan, and a total asset of 12.498127 trillion yuan, supporting 12,299,900 employees. Among the List, 9 companies reached an annual operating revenue of over 100 billion yuan, 13 were shortlisted in the China Top 500 Enterprises 2019, and 5 in the Fortune Global 500 list of 2019. In 2019, the top 100 manufacturing companies in Fujian achieved an operating income of 1.207326 trillion yuan, while the top 100 service companies reached 2.14701 trillion yuan.


According to the organizer, this year marked the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. The release of the Fujian Top 100 Enterprises 2019 list aimed to better demonstrate the outstanding performance of Fujian enterprises in the 70-year economic wave, and encourage enterprises and entrepreneurs to push forward industrial transformation in Fujian Province, upgrade and optimize the business environment, and create a good atmosphere in the whole society that "respects, cares about and supports entrepreneurs".


The release ceremony was celebrated by nearly 500 top-level corporate leaders and guests from all walks of life from Fujian. Mr. Lin Baojin, deputy governor of Fujian Provincial People's Government, Mr. Huang Wenlin, former standing member of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee, former vice chairperson of the Fujian Provincial People's Congress, and former chairman of the Fujian Federation of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs, Mr. Shao Yulong, secretary of the CPC Zhangzhou Municipal Committee, Mr. Zhang Yuan, Mayor of Zhangzhou City, along with persons in charge of such provincial departments as Fujian Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Fujian SASAC and Fujian Statistics Bureau made their presence.

Xiamen Hengxing Group—dedication for the people

Xiamen Hengxing Group, founded in 1994, adheres to the core values of “integrity, responsibility, innovation and win-win” and commits itself to the goal of being a respected century-old enterprise. Over more than 20 years of steady development, Hengxing has grown into a large private enterprise that takes investment as the leading business but integrates mining, trade, asset management, cultural tourism, education and others, with its wholly-owned and controlled subsidiaries scattered in mainland China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and other countries and regions. With a total asset exceeding 17 billion yuan, Hengxing is now part of the China Top 500 Private Enterprises list and a member of China’s top 500 service companies, Fujian’s top 100 enterprises, Xiamen’s top 100 enterprises, and leading private enterprises in Xiamen.

As to key scope of business, Hengxing owns several mineral resource reserves at home and abroad and has its gold business listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, awarded the “China Top Ten Gold and Mineral Enterprises 2018”. Its trading affiliates have gained market shares in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, America, Asia, East China, South China and North China, with coke export among China's tops for years. Hengxing also manages and operates a number of quality property assets that cover Grade A office buildings, high-end residential areas and commercial complexes, striving for continuous improvement in the value of quality assets. In the culture and tourism industries, Hengxing has invested into projects in Xinjiang Kanas Scenic Area, Fujian Qingshuiyan Scenic Spot, under-construction high-end hotels in Xiamen and Qingshuiyan Hot Spring Hotel, and the Yongjing’s Yellow River Three Gorges Cultural Tourism Project under planning.


 Hengxing Group sets foot in multiple industries and seeks constant reform and innovation for industrial transformation and upgrading. In recent years, Hengxing has focused on consumption upgrades like education, finance, medical care and tourism and made multi-directional attempts at such emerging industries as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and cultural and creative industries.

Hengxing's trading sectors and affiliates like Baotuo Resources Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tanqiao Trading Co., Ltd., Hengxing Property, Baotuo Resources (Singapore), Hong Kong Yuanrong Company, Jiading International and First Metal Company have established long-term ties with many high-quality customers at home and abroad to trade such commodities as non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and their metallurgical products, non-metallic mineral products, rubber, chemicals, fuel oil, coal, palm oil and corns. Hengxing has gained market shares in the Middle East, Europe, America, Asia, South America, East China, South China, and North China, ranked among China's tops for two years in terms of coke export.

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